Rental Procedure


Book here
→Tsuruga +81 90-2361-6411
→Sozaihiroba +81 242-85-6571
※If you would rent kimono on the day, please make a call Tsuruga +81 90-2361-6411.



After scheduling a booking, a confirmation email shall be sent to your email.
Please check your email inbox.
※Please add our Email address to your contact list.
Receive the confirmation email from us, then your booking will be completed.


Please come to the shop on time.
You will be briefed in regards to the rental procedures and rules, have your registration form completed.
Every item and accessory needed for a kimono is provided in the shop.


You can choose your favorite kimono and obi, from our available selection.
There are 120 kinds of kimono & yukata patterns for women and 50 kinds of kimono & yukata patterns for men.


A dresser will help you change into your kimono, to ensure you are dressed properly and comfortably to move around. It takes about 15 minutes to get dressed.


Please pay by cash or credit card.


Enjoy your sightseeing in your kimono!
We can keep your luggage until you get back.
Just bring along your valuables.
It takes about 5 minutes to Tsuruga jo castle.
You can also take a bus or hire a taxi.


Please return to the shop by 4:00 pm.
Cleaning fee is included in the package. However, please note that if the kimono is damaged beyond repair, we reserve the right to charge for replacement costs.


All Plans

【Only for autumn】Short plan with Aizumomen kimono set
【Only for autumn】Short plan with casual kimono set
【Limited on Thursday, Friday, Saturday】Yukata set with beer hall ticket
【Only for summer】Short plan with Yukata set
【Only for Summer】Early booking discount Yukata Plan
【All year round】Casual Kimono Plan
【All year round】Aizumomen Kimono Plan
【Only for Summer】Yukata Plan