【Only for autumn】Short plan with Aizumomen kimono set
【Only for autumn】Short plan with casual kimono set
【Limited on Thursday, Friday, Saturday】Yukata set with beer hall ticket
【Only for summer】Short plan with Yukata set
【Only for Summer】Early booking discount Yukata Plan
【All year round】Casual Kimono Plan
【All year round】Aizumomen Kimono Plan
【Only for Summer】Yukata Plan


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-Reception desk-

TEL: +81 242-85-6571
FAX: +81 242-85-6572

TEL: +81 90-2361-6411

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-Cancellation policy-

If you cancel 3days before, a cancel fee of 30% is required.
A day before...a cancel fee of 40% is required.
The day... a cancel fee of 100% is required.