【All year round】Casual Kimono Plan

This is a basic plan for a person who wants to go sightseeing with kimono costume all day long.

6,000yen per person
(Without tax)

◆Reception time
9:30 ~ 14:00

◆Returning time

◆Dressing time
About 15 minutes for women
About 10 minutes for men

・Casual kimono set
・Dressing kimono
※Set…Casual kimono, obi sash, under garment, accessories, tabi socks, zori sandals, bag

There are 100 kinds of casual kimono patterns.

◆Tsuruga’s Recommendation
・Kimono rental for men and women
・No need to bring anything, all accessories needed are provided at our shop
・Approximate dressing time 15 minutes
・All our kimonos are insured, no need to worry about stains
・Credit card payment available
・luggage storage available